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It can be tough to get insurers to pay up for partial loss fire damage

As the summer heats up in Texas, fires are becoming a more distinct threat to homeowners across the state. When a fire leaves you without a home and without possessions, your fire insurance is supposed to be there to help you pick up the pieces and get your life back on track.

But what about fires that do not result in a total loss of your home? Partial loss fire damage is more common than you might think, and when your home is not totally destroyed, there can be many special challenges to getting the payout you deserve from your insurance provider.

Smoke, ash and water damage can be hidden

When people think of fire damage, what often comes to mind is simply the consumption of the home's structure and the items contained within by the flames. Partial fire loss damage, however, can be much more subtle.

Beyond things that are burned directly by the fire itself, there can be extensive smoke damage. There can also be water damage, as pipes burst or firefighters struggle to quench the inferno with their hoses. When repairs are conducted, contractors can fail to properly return your property back to the condition it was in before the fire, resulting in more losses.

It can be difficult to get an insurance payout for the full extent of partial loss fire damage. For one thing, in times of widespread disaster (like a large scale fire that wiped out several homes, for instance), insurance adjusters often make partial losses a low priority, meaning there might be delays and a lack of a complete inspection. Additionally, the full extent of the types of damage commonly seen in partial loss fire claims - smoke permeating furnishings, ash spread behind the walls, water pooling under the floorboards - is not always readily apparent to the naked eye.

Get the insurance payout you deserve by retaining a Texas insurance claim lawyer

When you suffer loss from a fire but your home is not completely destroyed, you need to take certain measures to protect yourself. Make records of the damage, keep track of any ongoing expenses related to the fire (such as your interim living expenses while you cannot stay in your home) and take steps to keep you from suffering further loss (like securing the property to prevent theft of items remaining in the house).

Perhaps most importantly, if you are having trouble getting your insurer to pay the full amount you feel you deserve, get in touch with a Texas fire insurance claim lawyer. Your lawyer can walk you through the claims process from start to finish and ensure that you receive the payout you are due under the terms of your policy. Don't let your claim get undervalued: call a fire insurance claim lawyer today.

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