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Bad faith insurance claims in Texas

Litigating bad faith insurance claims in Texas can become very complicated very quickly.

Many Texas residents have insurance on their vehicles, homes and other valuable assets. They feel confident that they will be able to file a claim and receive compensation from their insurance companies if something bad happens. Whether they are in an accident while on the road or their home sustains damage in a severe thunderstorm, they know that they are protected financially when these events occur.

When a person files a claim with their insurers, the companies will generally send someone out to review the damage. The insurers then tell their clients the amount of compensation that they will receive to cover the expenses related to repair, or perhaps even deny the claim. In some situations, individuals may feel that their insurance companies are acting unfairly, and pursue claims of bad faith against their insurers.

Bad faith means that an insurance company has rejected a claim for an inappropriate reason, or is acting in some way unfairly toward its clients. They may simply be trying to protect their bottom line, or they may want to make it difficult to recover compensation. These actions are prohibited under the contractual relationship that they have with those that they insure, and it can lead to very serious penalties if the bad faith allegations can be proven.

There are many different behaviors that may lead to these types of cases. Insurers may undervalue a claim, leaving the policyholders to have to make up the difference. They could delay in paying the individuals the amounts they are entitled to under the policy, which can lead to serious financial problems for those who need the money to make the necessary repairs. They may also fail to pay any amounts connected to a claim, stating that they are not responsible for the items that have been damaged.

In a bad faith insurance claim, individuals might be able to recover damages in addition to the expenses already incurred. These cases frequently end up inside the courtroom, and can take some time to resolve.

When an insurance company rejects your claim, you might feel extremely upset over the decision. This can cause a lot of stress, and it can be difficult for you to receive any answers. Companies may fail to answer your questions, and this can leave you with very few options available.

If you feel that your insurance company has improperly rejected your claims, you should speak to an attorney experienced with insurance law issues to learn if you may be eligible to recover compensation. Your attorney will be able to review the actions of the companies involved, and determine how best to proceed.

You need to make sure that you protect your interests at this time. Insurers are in business to make a profit, and they have substantial assets at their disposal to fight any claims that you may try to bring. It is important that you have someone on your side who can fight for you and your rights.

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