Has Your Home Or Business Been Seriously Damaged By Water During A Storm?

If your insurer has failed to property investigate, adjust and pay your insurance claim for catastrophic water damage or flood damage to your property, the experienced insurance lawyers at Loree & Lipscomb, Attorneys at Law, work hard to protect your rights.

As your lawyers, we advocate aggressively for homeowner and commercial clients who need disaster restoration and water damage restoration in order to resume living in a home or running a business.

Water damage to a residence or commercial property can cause toxic mold, foundation problems, or damage to wood floors, walls, sheetrock or insulation that makes a residence uninhabitable. These kinds of damage can result from a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or windstorm, or due to poor construction by builders, contractors and subcontractors.

Despite this damage, insurance companies sometimes deny legitimate claims. Contractors may also avoid their responsibilities to the consumer. In these situations, policyholders have the right to file a claim and ensure that their interests are defended.

At Loree & Lipscomb, we represent individuals and businesses in a wide range of insurance claims, including those pertaining to water damage. Located in San Antonio, serving Texans statewide as well as clients in the state of Colorado, our lawyers are prepared to assist clients when time is of the essence for water damage issues. We work diligently to assess property damage to determine what is covered under your policy limits.

More Than 65 Years Of Combined Experience With Successful Handling Of Water Damage Claims

Depending on your policy coverage, water damage claims can include storm damage from flooding, tidal surge, windstorms and water penetration; and unnatural water damage from leaking or burst water pipes, toilet bursts or overflows, sewage issues, and broken water heaters and air conditioners.

Regardless of the source of your problems, Loree & Lipscomb is fully prepared to provide strong advocacy at every stage of the legal process. We are accomplished civil litigators who aren't afraid to roll up our sleeves and fight for you, both in and out of the courtroom.

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