Sound Legal Guidance For Overhead And Profit On Insurance Claims

The subject of how to obtain overhead and profit on an insurance claim has been a part of Texas insurance law for years — and has now become a hot topic in Colorado.

The question seems to be the suitability for when overhead and profit should be paid in response to a property insurance claim. Typically, overhead and profit represent approximately 20 percent of the total amount of an estimate. They are supposed to cover the overhead and operating costs of a general contractor, as well as the amount of profit that a general contractor usually receives.

Among the questions we are glad to answer for you, at Loree & Lipscomb, Attorneys at Law, are whether overhead and profit are owed at all, at the completion of a claim, and whether initial payments of actual cash value amounts should allow for these factors.

We are the experienced Texas and Colorado insurance attorneys who can explain the roles of overhead and profit in any homeowners insurance policy, and property and casualty insurance claim. Our decades of combined insurance law experience, proven litigating skills and track record precede us. In any controversy regarding property damage, a policy or claim, we are dedicated to your success.

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