Quality Insurance Law Representation For Texas And Colorado Clients With Fire Insurance Claims

The experienced insurance lawyers of Loree & Lipscomb, Attorneys at Law, represent a diverse Texas and Colorado clientele for commercial and homeowners insurance claims related to fire and smoke damage.

We guide you through all aspects of your claim and work diligently to assess property damage, to determine what is covered under your policy. We also can help you recover for additional living expenses as a displaced homeowner, or business interruption claims under a commercial insurance policy.

Fires can be devastating to homes and commercial property, causing severe damage from flames and smoke. Your insurance policy should protect you against these losses, but insurers have been known to wrongfully deny or low-ball legitimate claims. When this happens, Loree & Lipscomb is fully prepared to protect your rights in court.

Was Your Texas Or Colorado Home Or Business Destroyed By Fire Damage?

Many fire insurance claims include extensive smoke damage to sheetrock, insulation and other construction materials. In the event that arson is suspected, you may need to fight for your right to obtain compensation.

In other cases, the insurance company may undervalue your claim, deny payment values for personal property, or require cleanup and reconstruction to begin before granting access to funds.

In these and other circumstances, an experienced lawyer from Loree & Lipscomb can advocate for you. We use our decades of combined experience to fight for you, both in and out of the courtroom.

We take cases on a contingency basis. This means you do not pay unless you recover damages for your claim. Contact us in San Antonio, Texas, or Centennial, Colorado, by calling 877-365-3341 toll free. We respond promptly to email messages.