Aggressive Advocacy In Court For Business Owners' Property Damage Claims

At Loree & Lipscomb, Attorneys at Law, with offices in Texas and Colorado, our experienced business litigators protect your rights in court when contracts are breached and business disputes arise.

A breach of contract has the potential to cause a business serious financial harm. Business owners can also be damaged when the terms of sales agreements, stockholders' agreements or partnership agreements are violated.

In any business transaction or dispute, it is vital to have a lawyer on your side to protect your rights and interests. Our legal team brings more than 65 years of combined experience to the task of safeguarding your interests.

We provide strong advocacy for a wide range of business matters, including breach of contract, property disputes, real estate disputes, arbitration and litigation.

Additionally, if an insurance company has refused to act in good faith after a claim for damage due to severe weather or fire damage to commercial property, we work hard to hold the insurer accountable — in a court of law if necessary. If a prior lawsuit's outcome went against you, we also have the experience and expertise to appeal your case.

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