Experienced Insurance Law Attorneys Serving The Unique Needs Of Texas And Colorado Clients

Homeowners and owners of small and large businesses often need skilled legal guidance behind them when an insurer refuses to act in good faith after a storm, water or fire damage claim.

In San Antonio, Texas, and Centennial, Colorado, the attorneys who protect your rights — and your home and your company — can be found at Loree & Lipscomb, Attorneys at Law.

Our firmwide insurance law knowledge extends to property insurance claims, contract law and business interruption claims that determine whether you can sue an insurer who delays or denies payment of coverage after a natural catastrophe.

Practice areas in which we excel are bad faith insurance practices; litigation to protect your business, real estate or construction interests; claims filed after damage has occurred to a home or commercial property by wind, water, hail or a hurricane; claims against insurance agents for their negligence in procuring your insurance; and matters related to obtaining overhead and profit on an insurance claim.

To add to your peace of mind that your legal affairs are being handled by poised professionals — and to ease your money worries at a difficult time — we offer these quality legal services on a strict contingency fee basis. You owe no attorney fee unless we are able to recover damages for your claim.

Insurance Lawyers With More Than 65 Years Of Combined Experience

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