Representing Your Rights During Insurance Law Appeals In Texas And Colorado

If you were compelled to sue an insurance company for failure to act in good faith after substantial weather or fire damage to your home or business, and an outcome in court has gone against you, you have a right to appeal that verdict.

For exhaustively researched, thoroughly prepared and well-written appeals of outcomes for insurance claims litigation in Texas and Colorado, come to Loree & Lipscomb, Attorneys at Law.

Our appeals attorneys have more than 65 years of combined experience with persuasive presentations of arguments before appellate courts.

Our skilled legal team and outstanding support staff look carefully into every detail of your claim, and any aspect that may have gone wrong during the original court case. Loree & Lipscomb is well-known for its aggressive advocacy, dedication to your goals and personal service that keeps you regularly informed of your case's status.

Were your interests and opinions ignored by previous representation? Has new evidence supporting your claim come to light since your case first went to trial? Whatever the circumstances, our law firm's comprehensive knowledge of insurance law ensures that your appeal will get its day in court.

Appellate Lawyers With Large Firm Courtroom Experience, Small Firm Service

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